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Prescription Orthotics plus Treatment and Solutions for Foot Related Problems

50 Parsonage Street Dursley
Call: 07920 018416
Or: 07958 466502

Simply Foot Care in Parsonage Street, Dursley is run by two local Foot Health Practitioners, Vivienne Kennedy and Victoria Swift

Within the shop and clinic they  provide a free foot measuring service and stock wider fitting shoes by Dr.Comfort and Vionic as well as insoles, socks and stockings, foot creams  and  other foot care products to make life easier on the feet.

Many people may simply require a regular toe nail cutting service, others may require regular professional foot care or even one single visit to gain advice on preventative measures to overcome thickened nails, corns, callus (hard skin), fungal nails, ingrown toenails, verrucae and all the everyday things that happen to feet.

Also offering a Prescription Orthotic Service, Simply Foot Care provide individually crafted orthotics, specific to your needs once a full biomechanical evaluation of your posture, legs, ankles and feet are carried out . Using laser scanners to produce 3 dimensional images, the custom made orthotics will be made to a very high standard and will be specific to your feet. The prescription orthotics also come with a lifetime guarantee.

So, if you suffer from back pain, knee pain, hip pain, forefoot conditions (such as Morton's neuroma), heel spur, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, arthritis or sports injuries, please contact us for information on our assessments and prescription orthotics.

Whatever the treatment needed, Simply Foot Care are committed to providing a caring and efficient service which will be tailored to the individual needs of every person. The foot care services provided are available to absolutely anyone who requires increased comfort and wellbeing for their feet.

Gift Vouchers are also available for Foot Care Treatments within the clinic. These vouchers make a great present for any family member.
To make an appointment  visit the shop in the centre of Dursley Town or ring  07958 466502 or 07920 018416.  We love to talk feet!

About Simply Foot Care in Dursley Gloucestershire

Foot Health Practitioners - treatment and solutions for foot related problems.

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Vivienne Kennedy S.A.C. Dip FHPT S.A.C. Dip FHPP
Victoria Swift S.A.C. Dip FHPT S.A.C. Dip FHPP

Simply Foot Care 50 Parsonage Street Dursley Gloucestershire GL11 4AA Call: 07920 018416 Or: 07958 466502

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